The Development Project.

The project aims to secure a historic community venue as a focal point for the arts and entertainment in the centre of Huntingdon.


In the early 1840s, the founders of the Hall had a mission to bring creative opportunities to the community, and to nurture the talents of local people. The present trustees share the belief that a thriving cultural centre has the power to transform the lives of people and places.

Our long term aim is to modernise and redevelop the Hall as a multi-use space, and help re-establish it as part of the artistic, economic and social heart of the town.


The trustees are keen to reach out to new audiences, as well as continuing to be a home for community groups. We aim to create a space which can be a showcase for local artists and musicians, a venue for comedy and film nights, and a café, right on the High Street.

Before the Commemoration Hall was closed in Spring 2017, this Grade II listed building with its grand-scale entrance foyer was a popular performance venue, and served as a meeting place for a diverse range of local groups, as well as fairs, parties and weddings. However, running costs weren't being covered by income. Closing the Hall helped reduce our outgoings to a point where we have been able to stay financially afloat.

The scale of the redevelopment is flexible, depending how much we are able to raise, but ultimately we would like to save the Hall and build on its history, providing a first class community and arts centre for the people of Huntingdon.

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